RKDO Sound & Light has now become Aura Event Services. But why the change?

RKDO Sound & Light began providing event services back in 2008 with sound and lighting services. Recognising the need for diversity to meet demand from clients, staging was soon added to stock with further expansion into backline and support services over the years. This, along with a management change in 2013 left little relevance to the name. 

Re-branding to Aura Event Services provides an accurate description of what we do, along with a fresh name.

The phone number and, more importantly, the people remain the same and all e-mails sent to old addresses will continue to be received.

The name isn't the only change though. We're also now using a new computer based system to create quotes and invoices which track every piece of equipment we stock, books staff onto jobs and maintains a track of conversations over quotes, so that all the information on a job is stored in one central place and can easily be referred to. This will enhance both the speed of getting quotes out to you as well as the quality of the service from first enquiry through to job completion.

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